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Sunday, January 20, 2013


Camera never makes any difference!!

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Well when I was randomly surfing facebook this weekend , I happen to find some awesome collectives at @vignu photography(Owned by +vignesh babu ). He is a photographer, dancer and a student of Sri Shakthi Institute. It was a great surprize for me to see his photographs. I actually thought that he must be an owner of a big DSLR. But to my surprize I came to know that 'photography has no relation with the quality of cameras it is actually how you use it' through him. 
 He says "All lies in the eyes(camera) of a person. Ones interest and passion drives for the best clicks. On a lighter note, photography as such is an expensive hobby. All the interested people in photography cannot afford to get high end cameras.  Not possessing a dslr camera will not deter oneself from clicking what captures his mind. People support only the scenic beauty of the pictures rather than delving into the specifications or the model of the camera. Only good photographs speak for the photographer and not the cameras. I say this taking, myself as an example. My digital camera has fetched me laurels for my clicks. I realized my photographic sense a year ago. The trip which I made to a village made me to take my camera and shoot all that I cherished. One among that picture won the hearts of many and thus awarded a prize in Focuzz12, an online photography contest by Coimbatore Today page in FB. This changed my predicament that, only the pictures from high end model cameras would be appreciated. Then after I realized people support only the liveliness of the picture. It is to be accepted that higher end model cameras definitely aids to get a clarity picture but at the same time it is not the ONLY thing with which a photographer is recognized." 
You should actually check his pictures

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And that was just a glimpse, you can find more at @vignu photography+vignesh babu also wanted you all to have a final takeaway "So guys, cool… Your digicams would do wonders until u own a dslr camera." Want to know more about @vignu photography and +vignesh babu, Do check his facebook profile and page.

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