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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Is viswaroopam issue more than what’s known to us?

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The versatile and legendary actor Kamal Haasan is kicked about his upcoming film Viswaroopam which has been the talk of the town since its inception. The film ran into a series of controversies to walkouts and delays but nothing deterred the talented actor from going ahead with the project. Let us hear more about it from Anand Sundar(Writer, Orator, Student-SSIET)

"Before getting into the main issue about the movie, my humble request to everyone would be to watch the movie only in theatres. This request is not because it’s a film of kamal haasan, I say this because this film is the outcome of a man’s hardwork, one man’s fight against all the odds piled up against him, it’s for a man for who has invested all his earning and at last to show that still humanity is present in country like india.

Viswaroopam  – one man’s dream.

The problem for this movie started right from the day of its launch. There were problems when the date of the audio launch was announced. After the audio release,the next problem arised owing to the release of the movie in DTH. It was a very unique idea and there was opposition from the theatre owners that a parallel release in DTH would reduce the ticket collections in theatres. Kamal had to adjust with the theatre owners and agreed that he would release the movie on 25th January in theatres and in DTH on feb 2nd .Then the next problem came from a group of religion people asking him to screen the movie before it releases. The man accepted and screened the movie. Though they had watched the movie before 3 days of its release, they had asked a ban on the movie only the day before its release. Hence the movie was banned from screening in theatres. Probably it was the first day where a tamil movie was released all around the world except Tamil Nadu(courtesy tamil nadu government). 
I accept to the point that a film should not hurt anyone with its content. But one thing which is still unknown is that how could a story happening in Afghanistan and United States cause problems to the harmony of a state. Next thing which is unclear is that who are the people in Taliban???? To which religion do they belong… am not gonna name which religion it is…

Though there may some objectionable scenes involving the holy book of a particular religion and another scene in which the Taliban leader says that he stayed in Coimbatore and Madurai,which may hurt the people of that particular religion but this is not  an issue between a  group of religion representatives and a movie maker, it’s about how the state is being ruled by the government.
Though it might look like a problem between kamal and a religion group ,I feel that the government is playing a vital role in it. There are lot of questions that need to be answered

  1)How could a government claim that the censor board is corrupt when the issue is raised by another group?

   2)A government cant ban a film once it has been certified by the censor board, who gave the rights to the government to do it?

   3)The film has been released in various parts of the country including nearby places like kerala,karanataka. There has been no report of any problem in those states. Why is the government so adamant that the movie will cause problems in the state?

  4)The stay order was lifted by the hight court at 10.00pm. What is the need for the state government to appeal against the order that mid night itself?

   5)How can all the district collectors order for 144 at the same time? Did they get any instruction to do so?

   6)Can a government go to such an extent to stay the release of the film just because the maker did not give the satellite rights and attended another function which was conducted by a person from a party which is against the government?

   7)What is the need to urge this case when kamal and the concerned party is in discussion?

   8)Is this the only problem in the state? So that the government gives its full concentration on this matter?

 There are many other questions that need to be answered on this issue.

   1)     What amount of freedom is given for creators in this country?
   2)      Will a single movie create a huge problem that might damage the law and order of the state?
   3)      Will the people think that all Muslims are t********s?
   4)      Why do people go behind such parties that support religion and castes?
   5)      Why was there no support from the so called big shots of cine industry to help this man?
   6)      Were they waiting for the permission from somebody else?
   7)      One more  question which bothers me is that-why do  people don’t gather when there
    Is some social issues like this? Are we so attached to actors?

Will we get answers for all the above questions?
Personally I feel we will not get any answers and most of the people would become normal once the movie releases.
Will the same confidence and unity be there once the film releases and when there is any other social issue?
Only time would say us that.This is my first attempt in writing any such article and hope I have given some information about this issue." (Says Anand Sundar, Writer, Orator, Student-SSIET)

My appreciations to Anand Sundar for giving these bold thoughts. Wish we find answers for the questions mentioned. If you are one among us(Supporting Kamal Haasan). Share your thoughts by hitting the comments below.