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Monday, January 21, 2013


The Blend of DJ and the Dance!!

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Everytime people say that there is a good relation between DJ and the Dance. Wikipedia says Dance is  'A series of movements that match the speed and rhythm of a piece of music' and DJ is 'A disc jockey'.
But how are they related. By Blood? or by some Random comparisons?. I thought of taking this to my blog with a case study. I happen to interview an awesome dancer and a DJ +Pratheep KaVe(Dancer, DJ, Student-SNS).

When  asked  how the dancers and inspirations are born. +Pratheep KaVe commented that "Dancers  are not born by birth they arise through inspirations and their interest towards Dance. . . 
I started dancing by the inspiration of lord shivan(A divine One). I proudly say that this inspiration came from my birth and it has indeed given the confidence to face thousands of audience."

In the recent trends a childs career is either driven or lost by the same dance and when I was asking about this to him?. He said "I will strongly disagree the fact that a childs career is lost by the dance. Infact if you are a regular reality show viewer you would have knewn that it is the same dance which brings lots of opportunity(Say Jodi No.1, Manada Maiyilada and so on)"

I was very curious to know how +Pratheep KaVe as an individual was able to Dance and DJ. He said  "The main work of a Dj is to make people dance and by being a dancer I knew the kind of music sought by the people for dancing. so DJing & Dance are siblings :P". So true +Pratheep KaVe. But I wanted to ask +Pratheep KaVe more questions here.
Is DJ happening in south india? in Coimbatore? why people are not aware of it? what is the scope of it??. He commented "DJing is another booming culture of entertainment  nowadays. In south india Bangalore is the main hub for DJ and Chennai comes next to it. In Coimbatore there are only few DJs who are actually less than your finger count and yes it has a tremendous future were DJs will be equal to god cause we Djs make people to forget their worries and make them dance by helping them to burn their calories :P We make people life more healthier :P People between the age group of 17- 28 at present are aware of Dj party’s and they prefer it and in the near future this state will change without concerns to age limits". Wish that happens :P

Some significant pictures of him

Now I want to open a fan club to +Pratheep KaVe. Kudos to his skills. Hit up the comments below to let us know how you feel about this.