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Friday, January 25, 2013


The making of techvista 2013!!

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Am posting this article with the knowledge I had in my circle. If you find any information incorrect or to be updated do let me knew. I will modify the post.

TechVista is Microsoft Research India's annual research symposium. It brings together the best minds from the scientific and academic worlds onto a common platform. TechVista provides an opportunity for the research community, government, and students to interact and exchange ideas on research and its future directions. It was held at LeMeridien Coimbatore on 24th January 2013.

The initial talk about this event actually happened at the Microsoft Bootcamp 2012(September 23rd). It was at the zuri hotel where Siddharth Prakash (Program Manager, Microsoft Research connection) gave an announcement about the event. He called the members of CBEUG to help him with event promotions. The active members of CBEUG were less during this time as some people got into their corporate life.
(Then the talk started again from december. During this time, Microsoft Research would have made significant works in scheduling the event module)
Later on December 24th there was a gathering at LeMeridien Coimbatore to discuss potential things about the event It was called by Siddharth Prakash. This time the CBEUG family expanded owing to the new recruits participance. Dheepan Thangavelu(Managing Trustee of Sri Shakthi Institute) also took part in the gathering. It was attended by a group of people 

Picture taken by Piyush Mittal after that gathering

It was the same time when the official Microsoft registration link was opened. People started sharing the registration link through various sources(Social Medias, Blogs and through referals). Most of the people at coimbatore find it hard to register through the site. So Sathyanarayanan made an easy way of registration (i.e) the person who is interested to attend the event can simply send a text "REG TECHVISTA" to Sathyanarayanan's number. He will then call the person via skype and make the registration in live.  I was surprized to knew that when I visited his home. He also made a facebook album demonstrating how to do the registration via the official link.

Sathyanarayanan also delegated the work between the cbeug members by sharing the database. Most members came forward to work for their area of interest. I worked on the techvista promotional video. Kamal Kumar Lakshmanan worked on the certificate and the Tshirt designs. Mrinal Purohit worked on a quiz app and the UI for the website. The rest of the people worked on the social media campaigns. During this time Microsoft has also shared the official tech vista poster.

TechVista 2013 Official Poster:

Microsoft Research Techvista 2013 Promo :

The promo was shared by many people right when I posted it on facebook. But we faced copyrights issue with the audio of the promo as it is not composed by us. There were no sources to purchase the same and hence the idea was to use a Microsoft Copyrighted audio. But I could't find a perfectly matched Microsoft copyrighted BGM. That made me to limit the video access. I  changed the video settings to "unlisted" from "public". But still the video hit 300 views in a week.

SathyanarayananKamal Kumar Lakshmanan,Divakar and Hari Vignesh gathered for a meet a week before the event at Hari Vignesh house to finalyze the designs of the certificate and Tshirt. The Tshirt design as below was given for a bulk manufacturing.

                                                                                        Tshirt Design :

                                                                                 Sample Certificate Design :

The printing of certificate have to be dropped owing to a e-certificate plan. As of now we have worked on the colaterals and event promotions so we decided to work on the hospitality team. Kamal Kumar Lakshmanan and I managed to bring in our college SSILS and STEPUP team for the hospitality. On the other hand Deepthi Parvathi manged to bring in some people from her college(Amrita University). We pulled up a meeting on January 20th, 2013 with the hospitality team at the CafeCoffeeday, Peelamedu. Kamal Kumar Lakshmanan , Sathyanarayanan , Prashanth RameshK.A.Mathan  and I discussed some interesting welcoming ideas with the hospitality team. Divakar couldn't turn up for this meeting as he went for an internship at bangalore. Meanwhile the official registration has been closed as it had overflowed around 3500 and we opened private registration for the local people.

On 21st January, Kamal Kumar Lakshmanan and I wandered in the streets of Poo Market to enquire the prices of Flower/Sandal Garlands. During this time Sathyanarayanan and Piyush Mittal  invited many colleges in Erode and salem. It was the same time when Sathyanarayanan would have made the posters and invites ready. Thanks to Fazulul Rahman for helping us with the same.

On 22nd January Kamal Kumar Lakshmanan and I went to Sathyanarayanan house to collect the colateral materials and to get some cash. We visited many colleges such as GCT, KCT, KGISL, SREC and SNS to invite them formally.Dilip made our works simple at SREC. Kamal Kumar Lakshmanan happen to go to an internship at bayoda in the afternoon. I managed to go to GRD, PSG Tech, PSG CAS and CIT during that time. Later that day Kamal Kumar Lakshmanan and Sathyanarayanan went to Amrita to invite them and to help them with their onduties. Kamal Kumar LakshmananSathyanarayanan and Hari Vignesh went to poo market in the night to make the order for garlands.

We also had some plans to energize the guest after the welcoming ceremony by delivering some perfomances such as bharatanatyam, Traditional Folk dance, Jaboowockeez and Magic Show. It was cancelled owing to the busy schedule of the guests.  

On 23rd January SathyanarayananKamal Kumar LakshmananHari VigneshPiyush Mittal, Myself and the hospitality team(Sinduja, Madhumitha, Kalpana Sree, Swathie, Praveena, Amrin, subashini and some more) gathered in the morning at LeMeridien Coimbatore to welcome the guests. We welcomed the guests in the traditional style (i.e) using flower garlands and taking Aarathi.

Sathyanarayanan took us to park plaza Coimbatore for the breakfast. We spent the day at LeMeridien Coimbatore. In the evening we followed the same welcoming ceremony for the other set of guests who came.

It was the same day when the initial works for live streaming at the other venue(Sri shakthi institute) was also made.

We also had lots of fun here. Piyush Mittal went on a case study over Kamal Kumar Lakshmanan's love story.

We had our dinner at haribhavan. And we left the hospitality team members at their house via car as it was already late. As Piyush Mittal was from erode we were planning to book a room near sitra. We couldn't make it as it was already too late. We asked Siddharth Prakash for the possibility of booking a room at LeMeridien Coimbatore. To our surprize he booked two room for us. We stayed in the hotel during the night and made all our works. To speak about the room it was completely awesome except that the bathroom had transparent walls ;). We slept by keeping alarm at 5.00 in the morning. None of them woke up at that time. When we woke up it was already 6.00. Attendees have started coming to the hotel from that time itself. The MSR team called us for a meeting in the morning and delegated the works. The registration counter was opened around 8.00. There was a huge crowd before the registration. Siddharth Prakash was very happy about the crowd. The crowd was organized in a efficient manner.

We limited the entries to about 2000 owing to the hall capacity and made the remaining people to attend the live streaming of the event at another venue(Sri Shakthi Institute). It was great to see the MSPs and volunteers from all over India coordinating with us for the event. We also came to knew that the quality of session was very good when speaking with the attendees.

A shot of the awesome CBEUG

The Dinning was another important thing to mention. People didn't rush nor they bring a chaos. They gently followed the queue and our instructions.

Snapshot of the session at the Sri Shakthi venue

After 4.00pm the entire set of attendees from both the venues were taken to the demos and phd posters. Attendees were very delightful to knew the quality of projects. Then prizes were given to the best projects.

We also had a lucky draw contest at the end in which the selected people got a XBOX kinect

At the closing ceremony, another research person called me and Sathyanarayanan. He appreciated me for my video and Sathyanarayanan for his dedication towards the event. Sathyanarayanan has booked a car on January 24th 2013 and has planned to sticker it with the techvista logo. We all are awaiting his treat for that.

The event ended in style. We helped MSR team with all the works they required. The compete event moved very smooth. It was beyond their expectations. The MSR team greeted all the MSPs and volunteers who coordinated. You can see the happy faces in the below picture ;)

We had a post event party at Mcdonalds, Fun Mall, Coimbatore. It was an experience of a lifetime.

If you are part of this awesome event. Hit up the comments below and let us knew your experiences


  1. its was awesome working with you all ppl..
    had a very great experience..
    hope we all meet again short for next event :)

  2. missed it... wish i was there... enjoyed working in the initial part of techvista organizing :)