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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Tips for Long Exposure Photography!

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Long Exposure Photography is something that can take your breath away when you get it right.Let us hear how it is being done from our photographer +Mohammed Muzzammil 
"Long Exposure is a photography technique in which the shutter is kept open for a longer period of time while making the click. There are different techniques to capture a perfect long exposure shot in the night and in the day.
As the usual camera hand held are prone to unexpected shakes and unclear focus, its always advisable to use a Tripod for better clarity!
For attaining long exposure photography, Shutter speed should be reduced, say for 20 secs and to compensate the light , ISO can be reduced and f number can be increased.
The light  trails created in the below picture are created using the same technique.
 Picture Location : Hope College(GRG School)

The smooth flow of a water as in the below picture can also be made using the same technique." says +Mohammed Muzzammil

+Mohammed Muzzammil is a student artist pioneering his engineering course in info institute with a high level of passion for photography. He captures the moments that captivates his heart. I would recommend you all to follow his facebook photography page : +muzzi Photography

Happy shooting! Questions? Comments? Hit up the comments below.