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Sunday, January 20, 2013


Wireless Charging in Nokia Lumia 920

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This article features about the prestigious attempts made by Nokia on various emergent technologies to enhance the world’s most innovative smartphone, Nokia Lumia 920.
Nokia Lumia 920
The set of words which strikes us as soon as we hear Nokia Lumia 920 is, “The worlds most innovative smartphone”. Is it true? Most of us would have a doubt on what is so much innovative in Lumia 920 than the android phones. Read down to know more about the innovative stuff in this phone

Wireless Charging
Nokia Lumia 920 smartphones charge up wirelessly. All you need to do is simply place your phone in the source. The source here is a pad, which has to be charged. Wireless charging uses inductive charging technology, the same basic principle that Michael Faraday discovered way back in 1831. An electrical current in one part of the charger creates a magnetic field, which in turn creates a voltage – and that voltage powers your phone, wire-free!.
Nokia provides three types of accessories for power transmission pad, which they’ve named as Wireless Accessories.

Wireless Charging stand.(Suitable for charging your phone while video calling)
Fatboy pillow.(Suitable accessory for aesthetic looks)
Wireless charging pad.(comes with your phone)
There’s plenty to know about these futuristic tech

Question: What makes wireless charging, the best?

Many manufacturers are upgrading towards this wonderful technology and Nokia aims to be the best of bunch. Nokia’s wireless charging stand, allows you to charge up, when you are about to start a video call. You can also personalize this stand to open apps, whenever your phone comes in contact with it. 
JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker, one among many accessories for Nokia Lumia 920, will charge your phone as you are listening to your favorite tunes.
Wireless charging is also a greener way of energizing your phone. With wired chargers plugged in even after you’ve powered your mobile up will not make a huge difference in your home’s total consumption of energy. But, what happens if tens of millions of people do the same?Wireless charging works only when your touches the charger. In simple words, No touching, No power. It is a greener technology.
Nokia has adopted the Qi standard. Qi is a proprietary interface standard developed by wireless power consortium, a cooperation of worldwide companies that aims to create a proprietary standard for wireless charging technology. 

Author : Srinivasan JV(Writer, Blogger, Student-SSIET)