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Monday, April 01, 2013


Ultimate Frisbee - A revolutionary flying disc game

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What is ultimate? Why so much fuss about what-seems-like a kiddish no-fuss picnic 'game'? Well, all that we who play ultimate say is "boss, just play it once"

To be honest, anyone who hears about this sport initially thinks the game is not a sport, well even we did. But we were absolutely taken aback by the sport and what it offered!

The speed, gameplay, enthusiasm, passion, strategy, fun, picture-perfect finishing moves. -well who wouldn't be impressed!

About the sport - Ultimate frisbee as it is called has its history way back in the 1950's decade. It originated in the United States and slowing gained popularity in the country and Europe as well. Gradually, it reached the. South-east asian countries and little did we know - there are world cups being played now with over 15 countries participating!!

7on7 with unlimited substitutions, its a tiring game ! The best part is there is no distinction between the two genders in the sport which is why this sport has gained popularity. No referees, the game being played with pure sportsmanship. The game ends with what we call a spirit circle, where the two teams get together and talk about the game, share useful insights, and play super fun games!

The game is gaining popularity in India. With 6 tournaments over the country in a year, the ultimate players are growing into a small community in itself.

The best way to know more about the game is - play the game!!!

Live love play ultimate.

Author: Nishit H Shah